More than crypto art

What is a StarsPortrait?

A StarsPortrait is more than an aesthetic piece of digital art. It’s a dynamic ‘cryptomandala’ of an individual’s spiritual essence, created on the basis of their birth data and physiognomy.

And why is it valuable?

A StarsPortrait is an NFT (Non Fungible Token) linked to a blockchain, the technology that makes it possible for digital art to be truly valuable, indestructible and fraud-proof.

Be an early investor.

Cryptoart is one of the most promising areas of an emerging crypto-economy and early investors can take full advantage of its potential.

By being a kind of spiritual portrait of a person, a StarsPortrait CryptoMandala brings new properties to a piece of art and can gain value over time.

Imagine you order a StarsPortrait for your kids and, when they grow older, one of them becomes a prominent person. In this scenario, It’s hard to tell what will be the value of an original edition of his or her personalized StarsPortrait.

When you order a StarsPortrait, an edition of 5 copies is created so you’ll be able to profit from selling up to 4 copies while retaining one.

StarsPortraits have the key properties for something to become valuable: Sarcity (only 5 originals), Indestructibility (linked to a blockchain) and uniqueness (they’re personalized).

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